Sunday, August 16, 2009

a newspaper life for me

I have just realized it is almost the five month anniversary of my new job. Normally I don't get all sentimental but this also celebrates the fact that I made a big move from Boston to DC with my boyfriend just a few months ago as well. We had no set plan at all and everything turned out perfectly okay. Although I don't recommend anyone quit their job and move to a new place without something lined up in this economy, if I had to go back in time I'd do it again.

So to celebrate, I've picked out some of my favorite newspaper-inspired Etsy finds.

♥ a fanciful petticoat skirt made from real vintage fabric newspaper [seller: malam / link]

♥ upcycled purse made from newspaper delivery bags [seller: blueskybags / link]

♥ bowl made of recycled newspaper [seller: urbanwoodswalker / link]

♥ half fold wallet [seller: kelsodoesntdance / link]

♥ newspaper and resin ring [seller: RainaLeeStudios / link]

♥ handknit scarf in newspaper greyscale [seller: trishafern / link]

♥ cartoon clutch [seller: onewomanstudio / link]

♥ tote bag in New York Times print [seller: Ruthscrafts / link]

♥ biodegradable plant starters [seller: spellitout / link]

♥ JFK headline earrings [seller: LookingGlassJewerly / link]


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