Saturday, September 4, 2010

Things I Love: Sept. 4 Edition

I started my new job so I moved to a new desk at work. Before I was in a really large room without any private space. Now that I have a little cubicle I feel more apt to try and make the space my own.

Thus I've been stalking Ebay and Etsy for the perfect desk lamp for the past week. And I've finally found one. I can't wait until it arrives in the mail:

I also needed a new mousepad and found an Etsy seller that creates them with licensed images. This one with featuring a lovely panda from Berkley Illustration fit the bill perfectly for my new desk:

And if I had enough spare cash + wasn't worried my work neighbors would be bothered by the clanking sound I'd totally buy this USB typewriter:

Something else I am coveting and will probably end up purchasing since I need all the organization help I can get [from See Jane Work]:

Also behind me is a terrible blank white wall with the paint peeling. I've already decided the best way to cover this up without leaving any permanent marks in the walls is to go the embroidery hoop with pretty fabric way. I already do this in my apartment and it's great. Here's an example from Apartment Therapy of what I'm thinking: