About Christine

Christine Ernest may or may not be part robot. Robots do not lounge, but neither does Christine really. In between knitting grandiose cowls and crocheting way too many granny squares there's not really time to lounge. But perhaps you could lounge AND knit or crochet. At any rate, Christine does make time to be a full fledged yarn-stash-outgrowing-actual-clothes, vintage-sewing-machine-tucked-in-the-corner, multiple-scissors-for-cutting-fabric-or-paper-or-hair-yielding handmade enthusiast. She writes about the importance of handmade and helps her friends with their most excellent nonprofit dedicated to the handmade movement. Christine also organizes the get together of craft-minded individuals at Knitting Avengers -- where knitting and beer drinking go hand in hand. So could a human really accomplish all of this without perhaps being akin to those square-head metal folks? Oh and was there not mention of the 2 pounds of metal rods and screws inside of her? As stated before, Christine Ernest might or might not be part robot.