Sunday, August 23, 2009

Baltimore baby, Baltimore

Yesterday I made an excursion up to Baltimore for the day with my gal pal Becca. We were going up mainly for the Hello Craft field trip to visit the workspace of Biggs and Featherbelle.

We learned how they run their amazing health conscious company that makes wonderful smelling soaps, bath soaks, lip balms and more. After the tour we were given materials to make our own body scrub.

Becca snapped this photo of our finished products:

After the tour, we headed over to the Hampden area and met up with 2 of Becca's friends. We were lucky to be getting a tour of Baltimore from two folks that absolutely adore their city. We dug through some vintage clothes and had a delicious lunch at Golden West Cafe.

We then trekked over to Atomic Books where I picked up an amazing pattern book from Repro Depot. I didn't even know this book existed and now that I am 225 vintage-inspired patterns richer, I am all the happier.

Next we took a field trip out to The Book Thing which is basically the best thing I've experienced in the past month. Its a combination of my old secondhand stomping grounds of the basement of The Harvard Bookstore and the basement store in the Wheaton Library. ONLY FREE. Yes free. Obviously you'll have to dig through a whole mess to find something that intrests you. But with Crafty Bastards around the corner (my vendor page here), I need all the imagery I can find to inspire my pins and magnet sets.

The night ended with pie and coffee and board games, a way most nights should end.


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