Saturday, April 3, 2010

Finally Finished: Granny Square Pillow

You know when you work on a big project for a while and it feels like it will never be done? That's how I've been feeling about the granny square pillow I started about a month ago. I was feeling really defeated when I realized last weekend I was going to run  out of a specific color of yarn for the project. I thought I had enough in the skein when I started but I was wrong. I've always read those warnings in my patterns and on the backs of skeins and it finally happened to me. But I survived with a few grannies that had to be all one color

Grannies aren't that difficult to make and it really only took 32 for this pillow, but with new projects and work it was difficult to just get it finished. But recently I buckled down and started really working on it. I brought it to Knitting Avengers and I tried to crochet a few a night. 

Now I'm excited to finally report the bluish granny square pillow is finally complete!

side 1:

side 2:


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