Sunday, February 21, 2010

thrifting finds: $25 bucks gets you so many fantastic goodies

Now that my boyfriend has Sundays off we have been scheming about weekly adventures. We decided that today would be the day to find the nearest WaWa which is the greatest convenience store on the East coast in our opinions. Unfortunately they are only in certain parts of the Northeast which means the nearest one is about 45 minutes from the D.C. metro area.

Thus I planned a few spots around our WaWa adventure. The first was an estate sale in Silver Spring. After reading the description on Craigslist that the woman was an avid knitter, there was no way I could pass it up. The yarn was sadly picked over and although there were tons of half-finished projects (like amazing sweaters) I couldn't bring myself to buy any since I felt kind of weird finishing projects someone had already put so much time into. It would be cheating.

After we left the estate sale we continued on to WaWa, and ate insanely large Italian hoagies in about 2 minutes (no we probably didn't even taste them). Then I convinced D.J. to make another stop at a vintage store. We only had a few minutes before it closed, but D.J. scored some random vinyl for cheap like Paul McCartney plus I got a map of every antique store in MD, DE, DC.

Basically I scored a few awesome finds in a short amount of time today plus got to visit WaWa:

fun fabrics:

a copy of McCalls dated Fall-Winter 1968-69:

a pamphlet of crochet patterns including this one of a dress for a hot babe:

a new little purse, a tiny suitcase which I have refurbishing plans for and a tiny tin:

and a smith-corona coronet electric 12 for $5. I love the wonderful humming it made as soon as I turned it on:


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Nice finds! I actually love finding partially finished projects. Taking them on seems like an affirmation of life to me--you've moved along to whatever comes next, but don't worry about this project, I'll see that it gets a good home...

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